Pearson English Readers make any learning or teaching plan better

Pearson English Readers are designed for students, teachers, parents and schools. If you have a part to play in learning or teaching English, Pearson English Readers provide the materials and resources you need to accomplish your goals.

How Pearson English Readers improve English learning outcomes


What do they want to do?

  • Improve vocabulary, reading and written English
  • Be exposed to everyday English
  • Have learning actually be fun

What Pearson English Readers have to offer you

Exciting content makes learning more enjoyable. Students learn about topics beyond their coursework and have fun reading famous stories from books and films. Digital media make learning even more fun with features like animated illustrations.

Students develop core English skills that help them thrive in an English-speaking environment. Regular reading improves vocabulary, reading, speaking and general comprehension skills. Students are exposed to natural English expressions that help them better understand native speakers.

A large variety of levels and genres improve students’ confidence and motivation to read. With a large selection of Readers, students can find the right book for them without being discouraged by texts that are either too challenging or uninteresting.


What do they want to do?

  • See evidence of your child’s improvement and value for money
  • Feel involved in your child’s learning and have some degree of control

What Pearson English Readers have to offer you

The levelling tables help you track your child’s progress to see how studying makes a difference. With levelling bands and GSE/CEFR correlation tables on the back of the books, you can clearly see if your child is progressing.

Children and parents can learn English together. Both you and your child will enjoy interesting CLIL topics and famous stories. Read-aloud and shared reading is encouraged.


What do they want to do?

  • Help students pass exams
  • Find more ‘fun’ content to break up core lessons and homework
  • Help students to get into the habit of reading in English for pleasure
  • Adopt teaching material that is easy to use
  • Access material that is scalable and suitable for all language levels/available time frames

What Pearson English Readers have to offer you

Readers’ texts and exercises improve your students’ chances to succeed in exams. Both the texts and the tasks assist in exam preparation by building confidence, improving presentation skills, practising exam-style questions and broadening general knowledge.

Students are more motivated to read when they genuinely enjoy what they’re reading. Exciting book- and film-based stories and a large variety of different genres help your students find the readers they can truly enjoy.

All the materials you need for time-efficient and productive teaching. Pearson English Readers include plenty of optional before, during and after reading exercises and worksheets, factsheets, answer sheets and progress tests for individual readers.

The levelling tables including GSE-alignment clearly show student progress and help identify student levels. Pearson English Readers are the only Readers on the market levelled to the Global Scale of English, showing specific learner progression across language-learning skills that can be incorporated into a personalised lesson plan.


What do they want to do?

  • Look for a cost-effective solution
  • Demonstrate student progress

What Pearson English Readers have to offer you

Students succeed when they enjoy what they’re doing. Learners develop essential English skills to pass exams and succeed in an English environment while reading for pleasure.

The levelling tables help track learner progress to see if studying makes a difference. With levelling bands and GSE/CEFR correlation tables on the back of the books, parents and teachers can clearly see if their children are progressing.

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