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We appreciate the effort that goes into each and every English lesson. You want your English language learners to progress and make you proud. We want to help you achieve that with these additional resources available with every title:

  • Ideas from teacher trainers and educational consultants. Our titles have been used for years, by English language specialists all over the world. We asked some of them how they use Pearson English Readers to bring English language learning to life.
  • Interviews with our series writers and editors. Our Pearson English Readers writing team are an interesting and learned group. We share their thoughts on what makes the Readers series so special.
  • Additional teacher’s notes on our assessments and grading system. We know how important it is to match our grading and levelling system with yours. Read more about our grading philosophy & approach.

English teaching white papers, hints and tips

Top 10 reading tips for young learners

By Nick Dawson, Academic Consultant

A reading book is a doorway into a world of adventure, challenge, discovery, imagination, bravery, happiness, disappointment, and fear. A reading book is not an ugly collection of black shapes on a white page. The adventure of reading involves using the black shapes to discover a wonderful world. Read more…

An Introduction to Pearson English Kids Readers

Featuring Melanie Williams, Series Editor

Pearson has teamed up with Disney to bring the most exciting new list of Graded Readers for Young Learners the World of English Language Teaching has ever seen. We are starting with 23 titles, with more to come next year. Read more…

Deep dive into the Pearson English Readers grading approach

Pearson English Readers are graded at seven levels of difficulty from Easystarts to Level 6. Easystarts titles include the 200 most frequent headwords. As you move up the levels, more and more words and more complex grammar and language structures are gradually introduced. Read more…

Explore the assessment of extensive reading

Our aim in extensive reading is to develop reading skills and good reading habits. Therefore, our assessment should focus on reading behaviour and use of reading strategies rather than the content of books which have been read. Read more...

Download your Pearson English Readers Correlation Charts

Are you using one of these Pearson ELT courses? We’ve created correlation charts to show which Pearson English Readers titles would best complement each level, unit by unit.

Choose your Pearson ELT course and level to download your Pearson English Readers correlation chart in PDF format.

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