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Delve into exciting Disney adventures and learn English together with your favorite Disney characters!

The 36 Disney Kids Readers for Young Learners use beautiful artwork from animated and live Disney and PIXAR action films, helping students expand their reading in an engaging and motivating way.

Learning to read English was never so much fun!

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Where can I find Teacher’s Resources for my Disney Kids Reader?

Depending on which title you bought, resources are available from different locations.

New edition

Looking for Teacher’s Resources for the new Disney Kids Readers?
Download Disney Kids Readers Teacher’s Resources

Pre-2020 edition

Looking for Teacher’s Resources for the pre-2020 Disney Kids Readers editions?
Browse through the catalogue and select the relevant Disney title.

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Learn more about the brand-new 36 Disney Kids Readers, which include a vocabulary, grammar and phonics syllabus, audio book, extra learning content and activities at the back of the book.

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