For Teens and Adults

Readers for Teens and Adults

An incredible range of popular titles and best-selling authors across a range of genres written for teenage and adult learners. Depending on approach, can be used for intensive or extensive reading to aid language development.

Pearson English Active Readers

Activating language learning through reading

  • An excellent selection of stories, classic novels and plays, modern popular fiction and non-fiction titles
  • Every Pearson English Active Reader comes with an interactive CD-ROM that includes extra activities and complete audio recordings.It helps teachers and learners seize every opportunity for developing language
  • Downloadable resources for every title help teachers to plan lessons, keep students engaged, and use the text effectively to develop language
  • The Presidents of Mount Rushmore

  • Bleak House Book

Pearson English Readers

Bringing the joy of reading to every learner

  • An extensive collection of classic literature, modern best-selling authors, film titles, non-fiction and original stories. Available over 7 levels: from Easy start to Level 6
  • Most Pearson English Readers are available with or without a CD, containing full audio of the text. The audio material is a useful guide for pronunciation and can be used at home or in class to aid and practice comprehension
  • Extensive downloadable resources for every title help teachers prepare lessons and exploit opportunities for language learning. Resources include worksheets, answer keys, teacher's notes and progress tests